POSITIVE thinking in these tough times

A few Sunny predictions in these gloomy days.

1. By July end , India will be the first country to be freed from the clutches of this pandemic.

2. Our Lockdown, hot weather and our higher immunity levels will see us through.

3. We will be the largest exporters of medicines and the world will look to us for regular supplies of BCG vaccines, anti-malarial drugs Hydroxy Chloroquinine etc.

4. Manufacturing facilities will be set up in India, in preference to China, by corporations from all over the world.100 USA n 200 Japanese already leaving fm China India will become the hub for manufacture of every item from mobile phones to pharmaceuticals. The biggest and the best brands will realise that the Indian people are honest, hard-working, talented and reliable and were underrated so far.

5.Unemployment levels will go down.

6 .Our Vegetarian cuisine will be appreciated more and more.

7. People will queue up before Indian consulates all over the world and visas for visiting India will be issued after a 3 week gap after testing them. People will come here for tourism, wellness and the sunshine.

8. Our medical facilities will be appreciated for their easy availability, quickness and price efficiency.

9. Ayurveda and Naturopathy will also become very popular. Yoga and Pranayam teachers will be in great demand. Afterall, the best remedy for fibrosis is exercising the lungs.

10. The best Indian brains who have migrated abroad will also be happy to return to their healthy and prosperous home country. Their salaries also will be affordable due increased production-Make in India will be reality.

11.The minorities will realise that they have always lived in the best country in the world and they had failed to guide their brethren in Kashmir in the past. Had the Indian minorities united and given a call to the Kashmirs that Pakistan is just a hole in the wall and India is the only place to be in resulting in lot of tragedy would have been avoided.

12. Kashmiris will now reject Pakistan and open their hearts to India. Tourists will flock not only from India but from all over the world and discover that the prettiest sights in the world are not in Switzerland but in Pehalgam.

13. 2020 will be a turning point in the history of the world. From here it will be India all the way.

Avoid every thing related to China, May sound too optimistic scenario but we will soon see in next 3 years or soūüáģūüá≥

Why not strive hard to achieve a double digit growth and surge in employment. Think, Plan, Act. This time for the country.

Vijay Gupta
Founder & CEO

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