Invest in Equities: The Best Way to Wealth Creation

The recent  predictions on  the Indian economy by  the  Moody’s who downgraded India’s rating from stable to negative is really very poorly done and  mis- informed. They ignored the fact that  India is regularly getting more inflows from foreign investors, even in the first half of November 2019  they have infused  a net sum of ₹19,203 crore into the domestic capital markets according to the latest depositories data. Read More

India of My Dreams

As India’s economy continues to grow at rapid pace, we believe our country will literally lift itself from third world to first world, and become a world superpower once again…

We believe, India is on the verge of this massive transformation. This big change is aided by an extremely rare, once-in-2000 years economic phenomenon we may call it the Rebirth.

We Indians have never seen anything like the Rebirth in the past. And I doubt we’ll see anything of this scale in the future again. These changes will be permanent. They will have a huge positive impact on Indian Economy.  Read More