Real Estate Investment

The real estate sector has been placed as an attractive asset class. we Indians are ardent believers of investing in real estate and even gold. The availability of home loans at competitive rates has made the dream of buying a residential property even more accessible today.

Benefits of investing in real estate:

  • In addition to generate wealth through value appreciation, we can build equity, and hedge against inflation.
  • It can also provide cash flow with passive income from rental properties.
  • It also helps us mitigate risk.

there are many other important advantages of real estate investing that will make a great part of your portfolio

We can Enjoy Tax Benefits Through Depreciation

deduction of upto Rs 1.50 lakh u/s. 80C on of principal amount While the payment of interest is eligible for deduction u/s 24(b)

  • the deduction for a Self-Occupied Property is Rs 2.00 lakh
  • But if the house is let out there is no restriction to avail a deduction. The actual interest paid is available as a deduction.

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